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Credible leadership serves others, pope tells cardinals at consistory

Pope Francis placed a red hat on new Cardinal Louis Raphael I Sako, the Chaldean Catholic patriarch, at a consistory at which the pope created 14 new cardinals June 28 in St. Peter’s Basilica.

VATICAN CITY — Defending the weak or hopeless and becoming a servant to those most in need is the best promotion one can ever receive, Pope Francis told new and old cardinals.

"None of us must feel 'superior' to anyone. None of us should look down at others from above. The only time we can look at a person in this way is when we are helping them to stand up," he said during a ceremony in which he elevated 14 bishops and archbishops from 11 nations to the College of Cardinals June 28.

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Cdl. Cupich praises anti-gun protest on local highway

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Kudos for Sister Helen

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At Texas center, bishops join in a warm welcome for recent arrivals

Bishop Joseph C. Bambera of Scranton, Pa., talked to an immigrant woman who was recently released from U.S. custody. He visited her July 1 at a Catholic Charities-run respite center in McAllen, Texas. A delegation of U.S. bishops traveled to the Diocese of Brownsville, Texas, to learn more about the detention of Central American immigrants at the U.S.-Mexican border.

MCALLEN, Texas — Some had been on the road for weeks, others for days, and some entered looking haggard and sunburned with little more than the clothes they were wearing, some holding the hands of their children as a group of Catholic bishops joined a chorus of hands applauding in welcome.

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Supreme Court nominee called religious liberty ‘warrior’

U.S. President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh, a Catholic, to the Supreme Court on July 9 at the White House in Washington. At left is Kavanaugh’s wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, and their two daughters, Margaret and Liza.

President Donald Trump has nominated U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be his Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, setting the stage for a confirmation hearing that will likely focus on his views regarding both law and religion.

Trump made the announcement from the White House on July 9.

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DEAR FATHER | Remember the mystery behind the finding of Jesus in the temple

Seeing this passage in such a light is certainly reasonable. First, Jesus is only 12 years old and, instead of being obedient to His parents, stays behind in Jerusalem. After journeying for a day, His parents are forced to return to Jerusalem and search for three days before finding Him. Asking Jesus why He did this is an obvious question parents would ask their child in this situation. Jesus' response seems almost disrespectful to Mary and Joseph. He doesn't seem to care about their worry and efforts to find Him. Instead, He responds by saying He must be in His Father's house.

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VISUAL VIEWPOINT | Beauty of tradition

Kenrick-Glennon seminarians began the procession into Mass for the Rite of Ordination to the Priesthood. Archbishop Robert J. Carlson conferred the Sacrament of Holy Orders on Father Gerson Parra and Father Christopher Rubie on May 26 at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.

Removing color can let the beauty and sacredness shine through 

When I first discovered light, it was in black and white. I trained my mind to subtract color and concentrate on shades of gray to translate to monochrome film. Today we record in color.

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FRENTE A LA CRUZ | Dios nos desafía y requiere más de nosotros

Imagínese un hombre que le trae flores a su esposa cada semana, pero nunca escucha sus consejos. Con el tiempo ella puede comenzar a sentir resentimiento por las flores — no porque haya nada malo en ellas, sino porque son el símbolo de como él ocupa su tiempo y su energía en las cosas que menos importan.

Este escenario (y estoy seguro de que a usted se le pueden ocurrir otros) nos ayuda a comprender uno de los mensajes del profeta Isaías que leeremos esta semana: "¿Qué me importa el número de tus sacrificios? ... No traigas más ofrendas sin valor; tu incienso es repugnante para mi"

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BEFORE THE CROSS | God challenges each of us to be more

Imagine a man who brings his wife flowers every week, but never listens to her advice. Over time she may come to resent the flowers — not because there's anything wrong with them, but because they're a symbol of how he spends more time and energy on what matters less.

This scenario (and I'm sure you could come up with others) helps us understand one of the messages of the prophet Isaiah that we read this week: "What care I for the number of your sacrifices? ... Bring no more worthless offerings; your incense is loathsome to me."

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POPE’S MESSAGE | Learn from the past to bring peaceful future to Middle East

Pope Francis and Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria, patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, right, released doves as they stood with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople July 7 outside the Basilica of St. Nicholas in Bari, Italy. The pope was meeting with Christian leaders for an ecumenical day of prayer for peace in the Middle East.

VATICAN CITY — As war continues to threaten the land of Jesus' birth and to undermine the existence of Christian communities there, the international community must learn from the errors of the past and do more to bring lasting peace to the Middle East, Pope Francis said.

"Do not forget the previous century; do not forget the lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; do not let the land of the East, where the Word of peace arose, be transformed into a dark expanse of silence," the pope said after a private meeting with the heads of Christian churches and communities in the Middle East.

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