Maria Reina

Sister Parish Project Prayer

Faithful and generous God, we thank You for all the gifts You have given us: our lives, our loved ones, our homes, our Parish, and all that we are. Most of all we thank you for Jesus Your Son, who came among us to show us the way to eternal life and for His Mother, Mary who is Mother of us all. Since 1961, You have gathered your people here at St. Barnabas and put into our hearts the desire to come together in worship as well as to reach out to those in need, to be good stewards of the many gifts and blessings You unceasingly give us. Jesus was the perfect steward of Your gifts, showing us that complete trust in You is necessary, and that giving of self is a most important part of following Him. Today we build on the foundation of Faith, community, hospitality and generosity of the past 50 years, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our beloved Parish. We pray that we might be generous with our gifts and make true sacrifices to further the work of Jesus through His Church in Bolivia. As we take another step forward as a Parish Family, remind us of Your grace and blessings and open our hearts to be generous to those in need. Amen.