Liturgical Ministries at St. Barnabas

Please call the Rectory at 636-240-4556 if you are interested in serving in any of the

St. Barnabas Parish Ministries.



ADORERERS OF THE MOST BLESSED SACRAMENT- "Could you not watch one hour with Me?" Matthew 26:40 We encourage each of you to choose an hour each week to sit quietly in Church with Our Lord. Many blessings and graces flow for Our Lord to those that are able to devote this time to Him. St. Barnabas Church is open Monday through Friday 9:00am until 1:00pm daily.  

USHERS- Greet those attending weekend and Holy Day services. Ushers take up the Offertory collection and assist others as needed before and after Holy Masses.

SERVERS- Students in grades 5-12 interested in assisting the priest at the Traditional Latin Mass, please contact the office.