Parish Organizations

All St. Barnabas Parish Groups meet in the Parish Hall unless otherwise noted!

HOLY NAME SOCIETY-Meetings Held First Thursday of Each Month 6:00p.m.
The Holy Name Society of our Parish exists to foster a better commitment toward spiritual self-improvement as well as social and ecumenical endeavors for the benefit of St. Barnabas and the community. The men of the Holy Name Society assist the Pastor in spiritual and material projects for the benefit of the St. Barnabas Parish.  The Society serves as the organization through which men of the Parish may participate in Catholic Action.  It is the mission statement of the Society to create, operate, and manage fundraising social activities for the benefit of St. Barnabas.  The Holy Name Society is involved in maintaining the Parish grounds, and out buildings.  We prepare the famous St. Barnabas Breakfasts on the second Sunday of each month September through April each year.  We are involved in the Fall Festival, the Annual St. Barnabas Charity Golf Tournament, St. Barnabas Day, Men's Barbecue, Christmas Party, and the Yearly Night at the Races! 

LADIES GUILD-LADIES ARE NOT MEETING AT THIS TIME       Meetings Held Second Thursday of Each Month (August through May) 6:00p.m.
The Ladies Guild of St. Barnabas strives to promote spiritual welfare of its members while assisting the Pastor in spiritual and material undertakings for the entire Parish Family.  All adult ladies in the Parish are automatically members of the Ladies Guild!  Some activities of the Ladies Guild are the November retreat, various Pro-Life projects, Birthright Shower, Salad Supper, and our annual Christmas party.  We also coordinate all funeral luncheons for the Parish. 

The St. Barnabas Ladies' Quilting Group is always looking for new members.  Even if you do not know how to quilt-they want to pass this talent onto you!  Come and join them any Wednesday.  The ladies provide quilts for socials, as well as the Fall Festival and the Spring Salad Supper.  They have a full fun exciting day every Wednesday until about 3:00p.m.  Bring a dish to share for lunch!  Instructions classes are available.

AMERICAN RANGERS-RANGERS ARE NOT MEETING AT THIS TIME-The American Rangers is unique-a ministry grounded in Catholic tenets, rigorous in its defense and encouragement of real boyhood, and focused on developing young men who are READY in mind, body, and soul to face whatever the world has in store for them.  It won't be easy, but along the way, your son will acquire physical, mental, and spiritual toughness.  The strength to stand and the humility to kneel.  The courage to be different when it is uncomfortable or painful or lonely.  The bold confidence and physical stamina of a warrior, and the protector's chivalrous acceptance of responsibility.  The self-reliance and situational adaptability associated with the survival mindset, outdoor skills, and tradecraft accomplishment.  Membership is open to boys 6-18 years of age and their fathers.  Start your son's journey by taking the first step.  Join the St. Barnabas-affiliated American Rangers Patrol 1.  For additional information [email protected]  Or contact parishioner Andrew Daub Executive Director [email protected]