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2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Patti Kehoe on 1/16/19


2nd Sunday after Epiphany


The Wedding Feast of Cana, if we look into it spiritually, paints for us the picture of what our relationship with God should be like.

            The bride and groom we could say symbolically represent earthly relationships.  The intercession of Mary who tells ... Read More »

Third Sunday in Advent Gaudete Sunday

Posted by Patti Kehoe on 12/18/18

     On this Third Sunday of Advent, or Gaudete Sunday, the theme that runs through the epistle today is the element of Joy!  The reading to the Philippians told us all to rejoice!  Our kindness should be known to all, have no anxiety at all, for the Lord is ... Read More »

Epiphany January 7th, 2018

Posted by Patti Kehoe on 1/11/18

Feast of the Epiphany 2018

      In December of 1968 three of our astronauts were scheduled to make the first flight around the moon.  The whole world was watching.  A few weeks before blast-off the Federation of British Astrologers made a gloomy prophecy.  They predicted that the space ... Read More »


Posted by Patti Kehoe on 1/11/18

Just being in the presence of a little child, what it does for us!  We all have noticed how young children love to hold and play with a baby.  They love to feed a child younger than themselves.  Little girls test out their skill as Momma and are so ... Read More »

Christmas Eve Vigil Mass

Posted by Patti Kehoe on 1/11/18

     On this Holy Eve, where there was a promise, now comes the prize, where there was labor, now rest, where there was despair, now hope.  Previously the way, now we are at last home.

          The heralds of the Divine Promise came to us, but they gave us ... Read More »

Third Sunday in Advent-December 17th, 2017

Posted by Patti Kehoe on 1/11/18


     When there is any special solemnity or feast day coming up on the Church’s calendar, the Church wisely sets aside time in which to prepare for it.  The scriptures speak of it, the color of the vestments change, the liturgy changes, even the season ... Read More »

Feast of Mary the Mother of God-January 1st, 2018

Posted by Patti Kehoe on 1/11/18

     January 20, 1961, John F. Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States, he was the first Catholic ever to attain that high office.  Present at the inauguration was the entire Kennedy clan, with his mother in a place of honor.  At the moment when John Kennedy ... Read More »

First Sunday in Advent-December 3rd, 2017

Posted by Patti Kehoe on 12/05/17

             With this being the first Sunday of Advent it would be good to reflect some on the meaning of the season.  The word “Advent” itself means “coming”, and simply put, Advent is the season in which we prepare for the coming of Christ at ... Read More »

Latin Mass- First Sunday in Advent-December 3rd

Posted by Patti Kehoe on 12/05/17

                     We have heard again, Brothers and Sisters, about what will happen upon the earth when the Lord comes.  In the Gospel of St. Luke today, it states that nations will be in dismay, people will die of fright, and the powers of heaven will be shaken.  Yet, whom ... Read More »

November 26th, 2017 -Feast of Christ the King

Posted by Patti Kehoe on 11/29/17

34th Sunday Christ the King A 2017           The “Prince and the Pauper” is the story of two boys who lived 300 years ago in England.  Not only were they good friends, they looked so much alike that they could be taken for identical twins.  One of the boys was ... Read More »