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2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


2nd Sunday after Epiphany


The Wedding Feast of Cana, if we look into it spiritually, paints for us the picture of what our relationship with God should be like.

            The bride and groom we could say symbolically represent earthly relationships.  The intercession of Mary who tells Jesus about the wine shortage represents her heavenly role in our spiritual lives that can bring about miracles like the water changed into wine by Christ, if we but do whatever Jesus tells us, as she reminded us in the gospel.

            For when we read and pray with the scriptures we are given the spiritual advice we need to live holy and upright lives.  When we go before Our Lord’s True Presence in the Holy Eucharist we can ask of Him anything and if it be His holy will He will grant whatever we ask.

            Jesus wants us to follow His commandments in order to have true peace in our lives.  He also wants us to not be silent (like the Prophet Isaiah) and address the wrongs around us, like for instance, all the attacks against life, as we commemorate one again the 46th anniversary Roe v Wade.  When life is threatened Jesus is blasphemed.  Jesus the source of all life and love is ridiculed and despised.

            Mary the Mother of all life, wants her spiritual children to defend life and pray for those who attack and abuse the gift of life.  For life is a gift that none of us received on our own, it is a gift from God who commanded it.

            For all attacks on life is a sin.  As St. Basil puts it, “The definition of sin is this, “It is the misuse of powers freely given to us by God to do good, a use contrary to God’s commandments.  On the other hand, the virtue that God asks of us is to use the same powers based on a good conscience in accordance with God’s command.  Since this is so, we can say the same about love.  Since we all received a command to love God, we possessed from the first moment of our existence the power and the ability to love.”


            For to have a spiritual life we must exercise our power to love, for God is love, and those who live in God and God in them possess love.

            We know we live a physical earthly life, yet we are spiritual beings destined for a greater glory,  one that has not yet been revealed to us.  This life is the time to prepare spiritually for eternity by learning and following the commandments of Christ and His Church.

            Let’s be sure to ask His Mother Mary and our spiritual mother to intercede for us as she did for the wedding couple at Cana, so that whatever miracle we need in life will occur if we but trust in God following His commandments with the tools we have been given, our faith, our Church, our hearts, our minds and souls.


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