Jan 11, 2018

Just being in the presence of a little child, what it does for us!  We all have noticed how young children love to hold and play with a baby.  They love to feed a child younger than themselves.  Little girls test out their skill as Momma and are so very tender as they hold a new baby.  Children love the presence of a baby.  Adults who may be having a bad day or feeling more the aches and pains of life now are overjoyed when a baby or young child enters-maybe our nephew, daughter, grand son or great-granddaughter, and the day suddenly becomes brighter, the aches and pains are soon forgotten and a whole new perspective takes over.


     This phenomenon, I believe, is why Our God came to us in the form of a helpless, simple baby.  No one feels like they are not welcome to hold Him, to love Him, to ask anything of Him.  Jesus we know was born in a simple, humble, poor stable.  God sent His Son into the world this way to help us conquer our pride.  He wanted to show us that His thoughts and measurements are not the thoughts and measurements we so often hold.


     Many,if not all of us, love honors; Christ came in humility.  So many people measure their self-worth by riches, by how many expensive things they have.  Christ came to us in poverty, with nothing.  Too many today run after the pursuit of pleasures.  Christ was born suffering the cold night and without any comfort except the love of His Holy Mother Mary, St. Joseph, and swaddling clothes.  And the best reason for this simple, sweet birth in Bethlehem of the sweetest Child ever born, is that He wanted to draw everyone to Himself.  As I said, what is more lovable than a little child?  What warms the heart more than the sight of an infant?  What inspires confidence more than the approach of a little one?


     In the crib, we see the Christ Child, the Promised One, the One Who was sent to win us back to the love of God.  There is the Christ Who will grow in wisdom and grace.  There is the Child Who will grow up to work wonders for all.  There is the Child Who will give us an example of perfect obedience, an obedience that should inspire us to obey the laws of the Church.  There is the Child Who will suffer and die on a cross, paying the price for our sins.  There is the Child Who will found a Church that will last for all time, a Church that will act and govern with His authority, a Church that will make laws to help us gain eternal life.  There is the Child Who will remain with us in the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Child Who will come to us this Christmas night/day in Holy Communion to touch our hearts, minds and souls.


     Let us take Jesus not only into our arms, but into our everyday lives.  God knows that the Infant Christ Whom many of you will receive from this altar in Holy Communion, can best change our hearts in whatever needs conversion or repentance in our life.  Perhaps deciding now to regularly attend weekly Sunday Mass and Holy days if you are not already.  Praying daily and with the family more often than just at meal time.  If we allow Jesus to change us tonight/today folks our hearts will experience the love Christ came to the earth to give.  Once we turn to Him, once we put our heartbeats in tune with His, we will experience the true joy and peace of Christmas.


     Take the Baby Jesus lovingly into your hearts tonight.  Take Him into your life.  Find your way to the crib often during this Christmas season we are now in, always remembering that He came in the way that He did, simple, humble and poor, because He wants you, He wants me to love Him.  May He give you true joy and peace as He promises us redemption if we remain faithful to Him.


     The greatest of all gifts, (boys and girls) at Christmas is not wrapped and left under the tree (by Santa, it is Who?  What should be your answer?)  It is Jesus!, Who came to bring us salvation through His love, mercy and forgiveness.   And since Jesus has done this for us, who are we not to love, have mercy and forgiveness toward one another.  Wouldn’t you agree this is what Christmas is all about, we must love as we have been loved.  Forgive as we have been forgiven.  Have mercy, as we have had mercy bestowed on us.  And it took a little helpless baby to teach us this important lesson.  This the real meaning of Christmas.


  May Jesus grant you all this eve/night/day, a very Blessed and Merry Christmas