Feast of Mary the Mother of God-January 1st, 2018

Jan 11, 2018

     January 20, 1961, John F. Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States, he was the first Catholic ever to attain that high office.  Present at the inauguration was the entire Kennedy clan, with his mother in a place of honor.  At the moment when John Kennedy took the oath of office and became president, Rose Kennedy became mother of the president.  When she gave birth to John back in 1917 she brought into the world a human being who later became president.  She did not give birth to him as president, yet she is really and truly the mother of a president.

     In a similar but not identical way, we call the Blessed Virgin- the Mother of God.  She gave birth to Jesus Christ, who was at the same time God and man.  Mary did not give birth to God as God.  Mary is not a God or a goddess herself.  She is a limited human being who was given the high honor of giving a human nature to the second Person of the Holy Trinity Jesus Christ.

   Through her, Jesus became true man, all the while remaining true God.  This is the glorious truth we celebrate today, this first day of the New Year.

     Why do we publicly praise Mary as the Mother of God so closely after the important Feast of Christmas?  One reason is perfectly natural.  When we visit a newborn baby, we of coarse inquire about the baby’s health, weight and the like.  Then we always want to know about the health of the mother.  We have looked for a week now at the Baby Jesus in the crib.  It is now perfectly reasonable to look at His Holy Mother now.

     Another reason: on this first day of the New Year, we wish one another a Happy New Year.  This means we hope and pray that our friends and loved ones will have a holy year. That they will try to know Christ more clearly, love Him more strongly and serve Him more faithfully, just as His Holy Mother did.  To do this, nothing will help us more than the inspiration and help of the Blessed Mother.  Jesus loved and honored her.  He wants us to love and honor her too.

     We might draw a further comparison.  John F. Kennedy attended Mass the morning of his inauguration.  This was particularly gratifying to his mother, as she remarked later. She herself attended Mass every day, and had done this all of her married life.   The mother of President Kennedy had to live through the cruel death of her son, just as the Mother of God had to live through the cruel crucifixion of Her Son.

     Christ’s death is renewed on this altar at every Mass.  If you don’t already, how about making the Holy Mass more important in the New Year.  If you do so, you will become holier and happier, all through the year.  Ask the Good Lord through this Mass to give you and your loved ones the help you need to make this year a holy and happy one.

     After Mass today pray and kneel a few moments before the crib and think about Mary the Mother of God, and as our spiritual mother.   Her help and intercession is my prayer and wish for you all in the New Year.   She will always draw us closer to Christ Her Son.  A Happy and Holy New Year to everyone. May God Bless You all through it!