Latin Mass-15th Sunday after Pentecost

Oct 4, 2017

     The Epistle today from Galatians told us that..."as we sow so shall we reap."

     Of course, this may perhaps bring to mind the images of gardening, farming, cultivating, plowing, and fertilizing-all the things necessary to have a beautiful garden of flowers or have enough food to feed ourselves and others.  Yet, this is not quite what Our Lord is talking about in the Epistle.  He is rather referring to the spiritual life.  Where the seeds of grace, mercy, forgiveness, humility and meekness are the tools we need to reap a bountiful harvest, not of flowers or produce, but more of a spiritual reaping of greater faith, hope, and love for God and our neighbor.  For Our Lord in the Gospel today saw the need of the widow of Naim.  In His compassion for her He had the opportunity to display the love of God in not only bringing here son back to life; but, also that God the Father heard her prayer, as He does all prayer, and also wants us to realize how much He loves us.

     The problem for us though is that when we pray and ask for something, and we do not get it, we often feel rejected by God because our prayer was not answered in the way we wanted.  Almighty God is the ultimate parent.  He not only wants what is best for us.....He wants the most for us for the things that will make or mold us into the best Christian we can be.  I am not referring to self-help seminars that are designed to make you into a better you, but more on the spiritual or supernatural level that transforms or shapes us into a more perfect image of Christ.

     This takes sacrifice, effort, and time.  Things modern men and women do not want to give unless there is a guarantee return on investment.  We have to fight this tendency because if we do not wind up following the crowd of today that is only interested in getting ahead at all costs.  For we Catholic Christians, placing God first, then our families and ourselves last this makes us not only living but walking in the Spirit.  With the only person we are envious of is the person who is closer to the Lord.  

     Deep down we all know this.  Yet what are we willing to do to get where we need to be?  As Roman Catholics we have the Sacraments, Tradition, and Sacred Scripture to guide us.  Just knowing the truth is not the same as living the truth.  Which is it for you?  My prayer is that I hope it is both!