Latin Mass-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Jul 25, 2017

     We have all heard of the concept to "conquer evil with goodness."  This in reality is not for a select few of us to do, but it is the place of every Christian, isn't it?

     For the Hallmark of Christianity is to love those who hate us, to forgive those who do us wrong.  To spend our lives conquering evil with goodness and never count the cost.  

     The Epistle from Peter today extorts us to never render evil for evil; but, just the opposite we are to decline from evil and do good.  If we end up suffering for doing good, so be it, for when this happens to us we are then blessed in the eyes of the Almighty.  For any of us to think we do not have to at least try and reconcile with whoever is doing us or someone else wrong does not fully understand what being a true Christian is about.  It does not mean we have to accept their evil doing, but do our best to help them see their actions are doing them more harm than they are to us.  The Christian vocation is to call those we come into contact with to see the beauty, happiness, peace, and joy of being free to love as Christ has loved us.

     It may be very difficult to conquer our fear of this calling by Christ to conquer evil with goodness.  But, if we at least try, no matter the result, we will have peace in our hearts.  We will have nothing to regret.  As the Gospel from St. Matthew pointed out today, judgement is only for those who refuse to forgive their brother or sister, who refuse to strive at conquering evil with goodness.

     Lord Jesus, we want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, help us to be the just and God-fearing people who do not shrink away from the challenge, but hit it head on with confidence because You have shown us how it is done.  Showing us that love conquers all!!