Latin Mass- First Sunday in Advent-December 3rd

Dec 5, 2017


                   We have heard again, Brothers and Sisters, about what will happen upon the earth when the Lord comes.  In the Gospel of St. Luke today, it states that nations will be in dismay, people will die of fright, and the powers of heaven will be shaken.  Yet, whom are the Scriptures referring to in this passage?   The people in dismay, the men and women dying of fright are those who do not, or have refused to believe in Jesus Christ Our Lord.  They have refused to believe in His mercy and redemption living their lives without Him.  Their world is really coming to an abrupt end. All their sins of the flesh will be at an end. Their world indeed will come to an end.  They have every reason to panic and die of fright.

           We,on the other hand, my Brothers and Sisters, place all our faith, hope, and trust in the Lord.  Christ is our life, He is our peace, He is our salvation.  If we are doing this in our lives we have no reason to fear.

           We begin the season of Advent this Sunday, which reminds us once more that we are always a people who wait in joyful hope for the coming of Our Savior Jesus Christ.  Yet, do we think of this often?  Do we wait in joyful hope for the Lord’s coming?   If not, as we begin this Advent, it is a great time to set aside some time to reflect on the joy of the coming of Our Savior.

           We can meditate on the Holy Scriptures.  The gospel of Luke is a good source for Advent relection.  We can pray evoking the Blessed Virgin Mary who we know waited so very patiently for the birth of the Lord.  She will help us understand the scriptures and our role in today’s world.  She, like us, waited in joyful anticipation for the coming of Christ in  God’s  plan of salvation.

           As the child Jesus grew within her womb, so should the life of Christ grow within us who profess ourselves to be Christians. If we take the time to nourish our souls with prayer and meditation on the life of Christ and His holy mother Mary, our peace and our joy of waiting in anticipation this Advent will increase.

           In the spiritual life, many have said that there is no going backwards if someone wants to maintain true and lasting peace within.  Like anything physically about us, if we don’t for example use our arms or legs they eventually deteriorate to the point of not being able to move.  They get stiff and weak.   It is the same for our spiritual life.  If we do not exercise our spiritual soul with prayer and meditation, the spiritual side of ourselves begins to die and as a result ceases to bring us the peace and joy that we all long for and can have so easily.  Which is the desire of being united to God and He to us.  We all long for this peace of heart, mind and soul.

           Many people we know today are seeking peace and tranquility in many activities outside of Christianity, there are too many to name.  Yet, we all can think of some and perhaps maybe we are even participating in one or two of them.  Yet, the answer is so simple.  St. Augustine I think put it best for us.  He said that “our souls are ever restless until they rest in thee O Lord.” 

          Advent is a time when we can refocus or readjust our spiritual lives so that if Christ has begun to slip into the background because of all our busy plans and activities, He can once more gain His rightful place in our homes, on the job, and wherever we go.  Let us remember that we no longer live just for ourselves as Christians, but for Jesus Christ, who is the source of our joy, and along with Our Blessed Mother the cause of our joy.

           Let us pray, let us meditate on what Advent means to us.  If we do, the Lord will not disappoint us. He is generous with giving his children joy for having shown Him that we love Him.  For we indeed await in joyful hope for the coming of the Lord this day, this Advent and throughout our lives.