Mardi Gras Prayer

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) precedes Ash Wednesday and Lent all around the world, even where Lent has ceased to have much religious meaning.  It was natural to develop a festival, a "last fling" before the prayerful fasting and abstinence of Lent.  What is important for us, as Catholics, is that we let our feasting anticipate our fasting.  

Prayer of Mardi Gras

Blessed are You, Lord God of all creation,
For it is from Your goodness that we have this day
to celebrate on the threshold of the Season of Lent.

Tomorrow we will fast and abstain from meat.
Today we feast.
We thank You for the abundance of gifts You shower upon us.
We thank You especially for one another.
As we give You thanks, we are mindful of those who have so much less than we do.
As we share these wonderful gifts together, we commit ourselves to greater generosity toward those who need our support.

Prepare us for tomorrow.
Tasting the fullness of what we have today, let us experience some hunger tomorrow.
May our fasting make us more alert and may it heighten our consciousness so that we might be ready to hear Your Word and respond to Your call.

As our feasting fills us with gratitude so may our fasting and abstinence hollow out in us a place for deeper desires and an attentiveness to hear the cry of the poor.
May our self-denial turn our hearts to You and give us a new freedom for generous service to others.
We ask You these graces with our hearts full of delight and stirring with readiness for the journey ahead.
We ask them with confidence in the Name of Jesus our Lord.